Vision Statement


Vision Statement

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As a rethinking of Orb8 and other possible developments a Vision Statement arose which we hope is quite different to the usual dry offering and expands everyone’s vision about the work they do and how they might approach it-

Orb8 seeks to facilitate and promote growthful freedom, enabling us all to exist beyond the constraints of the society in which we reside

To always ask when addressing the roots of our distress not what is wrong with you but what is wrong with the social order

To root ourself in the earth and to keep finding alchemy in the natural

To envision radical approaches to everything we engage with

To reside in relating and creating community together

To seek the absolute value in “no one the same”

To meet people where they are with deep respect and allow them to seek their authentic selves as they wish and need to

To be inclusive allowing everyone to find their place

To value everybody’s worth, light and being

To bear witness, listen and not turn away

To be containing, safe and clear in our expectations of each other

To celebrate and embrace everyone’s truth, knowing and wisdom

To recognise that we are all doing the best that we can and only together can we raise each other up beyond our imagining

To bring all our ourselves and experience, physical, sensory, mindful, emotional, relational, and spiritual, to all our endeavours

To embrace uncertainty, not knowing, and fearfulness as the underpinning of our moving forward together

To find our voice and to speak out especially when we believe no one wants to hear

To cultivate organism as a place of coming together in dynamic synergy

To always seek transformation and fervently believe all things are possible although it may be that somethings are more likely than others and we will always push at that edge

Orb8 are always seeking to work with individuals or organisations who share our vision and want to develop their own way of seeing the world and delivering transformative services

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