Dr Jane Herd Prof Doc SW, AASW, BA Psych, Dip SW, Dip Couns

National and International Speaker and Consultant, Founder and CEO of Orb8

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Dr Jane Herd has worked in the area of social well being and public health for over 30 years as a senior leader, lecturer and director.

  • Her particular area of interest has been in particular the impact of trauma, attachment and affective neuroscience.
  • She has taken a national lead in the development of Therapeutically Informed Foster Care and Whole System Reflective Practice.
  • Dr Jane Herd is recognised as a national and international speaker and writer in these fields and frequently asked to speak at virtual and in persons symposiums, conferences and congresses.
  • She is currently providing consultation in the development of systems and practice on a national basis in several countries.
  • She is asked to speak and consult on the wider impact of affective neuroscience and well-being as it applies to personal, professional and organisational optimal functioning and development across public, private and business sectors.


  • National and International Speaker
  • National and International Service, Policy and Practice Development
  • Thought Leadership and Writing
  • Consultation within the specialist health and social care sectors
  • Consultation across public, private and business sectors in respect of personal, professional and organisational change and development

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