Related Health and Learning Needs


Orb8 recognises that many children, young people and young adults who could be termed traumatised, hard to reach and marginalised experience related social, emotional and psychological difficulties and can also experience related and interconnected health and learning needs and difficulties. We undertand it can be frustrating for children, professionals and carers to have to engage many different services and repeat their story over again so we attempt to offer a holistic service to meet a broad range of needs and difficulties.

What we offer

We therefore have a range of associates from health, therapy and education backgrounds who can offer assessments and interventions in a wide range of areas including:

  • Learning difficulties, special educational needs
  • Speech and Language Difficulties
  • Sexual health and vulnerability
  • Substance Misuse
  • Self-harm
  • Eating Issues and difficulties
  • Physical health issues related to trauma, stress and psychosomatic symptomology
  • Complex presentations including aspects of learning difficulty, trauma and developmental difficulties

Our way of working

All our work is delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals with a particular interest and additional training in areas such as trauma, attachment and neurodevelopment. We are aware the CYPYA we will be working with may be mistrustful or fed up with professional adults and we will do our upmost to engage them. We wish to be inclusive and see it as our responsibility to find ways of working with CYPYA rather than expecting them to fit standard ways of working or models.

Receiving a service

In order to offer a piece of work with a CYPYA we would need to undertake an assessment first (please see this section). Orb8 endeavours to work with hard to reach and often troubled CYPYA for this reason we only ever take referrals from professional adults. We don’t have a waiting list or excluding criteria and can usually see CYPYA promptly. The basis for us working with any child, young person or young adult is that we think we might be able to be helpful and they have difficulties that we have expertise and knowledge in respect of.

All work includes regular contact and work with carers and sometimes more intensive or focused work with the key professionals or agencies will be offered.

Pieces of work can be from single sessions to long term interventions, longer pieces of work will be reviewed on at least a 3 monthly basis.

Orb8 is a business and we have no public or other funding we therefore have to charge for our services. We have standard hourly charges based on profession and offer packages of input at pre-agreed competitive rates.

Most of our Clinicians are based in the South East, South Coast, London, Home Counties and East Anglia. It may be possible to provide assessments or service development outside of this area, please ring us to discuss.

Work with us

We offer a wide range of assessment and intervention options we therefore encourage all referrers to ring us to discuss how we can best help

Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)

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Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)