Reflective Practice Groups


RPG’s are held on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) in small groups of 10 to 12. The group is externally facilitated and one person presents each time. The group will listen to the presenter and then be supported to go beyond presenting behaviour or dilemma’s to get to a deeper understand of the complexities of inner worlds, relationships and their interplay. It is intended to discover patterns, dynamics and processes which may be impacting on individuals, and networks but not be immediately apparent. It can also have a supportive function in helping people share dilemmas and difficulties and feel really heard in this and in addressing the emotional impact and toil of the work and how this may be influencing practice and outcomes. The developmental impact is as much from group participation and hearing others issues as it is from being the one to present.

Groups can be provided throughout a whole organisation or to specific staff groups or teams. We can train internal facilitators who will then be able to deliver the groups within their organisation.

We also offer more open reflective spaces where the focus is on group processes and dynamics.


Groups are usually 1 hour 15 minutes long. External facilitators usually run 3 or 4 groups over the course of a day. Projects are usually commissioned for 1 year and the training of the internal facilitators takes a minimum of 12 sessions which would include and RPG, a teaching session and a reading.


A small quiet room will be provided by the commissioning organisation for the duration of each group.

Who is it for

RPG’s can be provided in virtually any setting and at any level of an organisation from Directors and senior managers to managers, practitioners and carers. It can be offered to particular teams or people from different parts of an organisation can be brought together to be in a group together.


Extensive evaluation of a previous project has identified impact on three levels, emotional impact, organisationa/professional outcomes and enhanced ability for reflection and thoughtful practice. These include feeling supported, feeling closer to colleagues throughout the organisation, having space and time to think and enhanced practice and thinking and action on ‘cases’. Broader benefits have included more positive views of the organisation, more stable work force, and measurable improvement in practice.

External Facilitators

Come from a range of backgrounds and will be matched to your organisation. They are professional qualified to at least masters level and have an average of 20 years experience.

Work with us

We encourage any organisation which would like to make use of our services to contact us to discuss.

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Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)