Evaluation and Research


Orb8 believes that all traumatised, hard to reach and marginalised children, young people and young adults deserve the highest quality and excellence in service provision delivered by agencies and staff with a good understanding of the client group, skilful in engaging with them with sufficient support to tolerate the emotional impact which can be a significant aspect of this work. We work with professional and caring adults and their other organisations to encourage service development and excellence including undertaking service audit, evaluation and research.


All our work is delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals with a particular interest and additional training in areas such as trauma, attachment and neurodevelopment. Our research team is led by senior lecturers with doctoral qualifications in psycho-social studies, psychotherapeutic practice, addiction and social work and social care. Our team has a wide range of experience in undertaking mixed methodology and qualitative studies, research and evaluation of hard to reach groups and therapeutic provision for hard to reach children. In an area where there is relatively little contemporary research Orb8 is very lucky to have experts in this field working with us.

Who we can provide services to

  • local authorities,
  • private and public health services
  • fostering agencies
  • residential provision of any nature
  • schools and specialist educational provision
  • voluntary and third sector organisations
  • youth offending, forensic services and the police

What we offer

Therapeutic service development

Many services wish to offer or be known as a therapeutic provision but there is often a lack of clarity about what is meant by this and what provision should actually include and look like. We can undertake Therapeutic Audits of services and provide a development plan with ongoing consultation and training to support an organisations therapeutic approach.


of current provision, looking to develop suitable measures or use existing ones to measure and evidence outcomes and impact. This can be used to commend positive aspects of services to others and also to assist services in identifying and working on areas of improvement.


Using our extensive links to Universities and other academic institutions we can provide ethically sound and substantive mixed methodology and qualitative research into service provision and service user groups. Incorparating report writing, and dissemination including journals and conferences.

In house training

Providing advice, guidance and training to enable organisations to develop their own expertise in audit, evaluation and research.

Work with us

We encourage any organisation which would like to explore working with Orb8 in the areas of audit, evaluation or training to ring us to discuss.

Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)
Email: admin@orb8.org

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Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)
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