Our Consultation provision is central to all our delivery. Working directly with organisations, teams and individuals from senior managers to staff members we explore shared beliefs and ways of working and investigate often unspoken or unchallenged practice and process to gain clarity as to task and best implementation.

Our way of working

All our work is delivered by highly experienced professionals with decades of practice experience and a depth of theoretical understanding. We always start where people are at and using a non-critical approach look for collaboration in exploring and understanding what actual practice and delivery currently look like and the often hidden and unexplored drivers which inform organisational and relational culture. By bringing such practices to light we can consider what is actually wanted and how best to achieve this.

What we offer

The focus of our work is in helping organisations develop their therapeutic provision for traumatised children. This could include:

  • Consultation on specific areas of health, social care and public provision such as therapeutically informed care, trauma informed practice and use of language
  • Organisational consultation from whole system review to focus on particular tasks and teams
  • A ‘what is working approach’ focusing on the best you have to offer to inform progress
  • Individual professional and personal consultation
  • Senior management consultation and review
  • Audit of specifc areas, such as training and policies

Receiving a service

All our work is delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals with a particular interest and additional training in areas. Initial consultations can scope out your current needs, and the focus of our work together

Work with us

We offer a wide range of assessment and intervention options we therefore encourage all referrers to ring us to discuss how we can best help.

Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)

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Call: 07800 970 049 (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm)